about me

Welcome to (un)discovered alison - my crazy quest to become a discovered actress, one audition at a time.  As a wife, mom of three and telecom engineer, living in Dallas, no less, you could say that I'm dreaming the impossible dream.  And you'd probably be right. 

But I was born with performing in my heart.  As a child, I did "commercials" in front of the bathroom mirror.  In third grade, I drew a picture of myself peforming on a stage in front of an audience.  Unfortunately, I was painfully shy and didn't end up pursuing my dream until much, much later in life. 

About eight years ago, I couldn't take being the "square peg in the round hole" in corporate America anymore.  There was something that I was meant to be and just HAD to pursue it!  So, I enrolled in my first real acting class.  Since then, I've been taking classes while working my full-time job and keeping up with my busy family.  I have an agent now and have been auditioning for the past few years.  The bookings are coming in slowly but surely.  The path hasn't been easy but I can finally see progress!

Today, I'm working toward ditching the day job and becoming a full-time working actress.  And that's where this journey picks up.  My blog is not only a chronicle of my journey but also a place where I share advice that I pick up along the way.   Even though the odds are stacked WAY against me, I'm just crazy enough to think that I can somehow make this work.  And really, following a dream this big requires a little insanity and a lot of FAITH.  My faith is a huge part of who I am. 

Maybe you're crazy enough to come along on the journey and follow your dream too.  If so, I'm happy to have some company for the ride!  Hang on, it might get bumpy...

(un)discovered alison