Saturday, September 24, 2011

Updates, Updates, Updates

It was a weird week in the acting world.  Although I don't know what would constitute a normal one.  I had three SAG auditions in four days, followed by a non-union commercial audition.  Four auditions in a week, not too shabby.  Three went great, the other, not so much. 

The first was for the out-of-state feature film that I blogged about earlier in the week.  I was really curious all week about this one.  Did the girl I carpooled with get it?  Did another woman at our agency that books everything get it?  Was it the other, younger girl?  Well, we may not know who exactly got it for awhile but I do know it wasn't me or the other two women at my agency.  Our agent e-mailed us yesterday to let us know that it had been cast and no one with our agency got any of the roles.  Bummer.  Oh well, it was nice that she gave us some closure, which is rare. 

I had a SAG commercial audition last Saturday that shot on Thursday.  I was asked to be an extra for that one but declined.  The money would've been nice but I have to pick and choose my extra jobs due to taking time off from my pesky day job.  It sort of pays the bills. 

On Monday, I had a SAG national commercial audition.  I have a callback for that one next Monday, yippee!  That brings me to 27 auditions, 10 bookings and 10 callbacks for the year.  I like watching those numbers grow every year that I'm at this.  I'd really love to book this one and think I'm a great fit, just sayin'.  My goal is to get SAG-e this year.  The time is dwindling down but my auditions have been pretty consistent.  One of these just HAS to be the one. 

And now for the fourth audition, well I bombed that one.  It was an open audition, meaning we had to audition in the front of the room while all of the other actresses (the competition) watched.  I'm really comfortable auditioning in front of just about anyone...except my peers.  It always rattles me a little more than I'd like.    Not to mention that my scene partner and I had no chemistry whatsoever and it was all improvisation.  Disaster.  No need to worry about a callback on that one.  Moving on.

So I'm hoping this consistent auditioning streak continues.  If for no other reason, the law of odds in on my side.

Keep on keeping on!


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