Friday, September 30, 2011


Since last Friday I...
  • had a callback for a feature film,
  • had an audition for a recurring role on a network series,
  • worked a print job,
  • had an audition for another feature film,
  • had a callback for a national commercial,
  • and...booked my first national commercial!
Tomorrow I'm auditing a film acting workshop.  Sunday I have a fitting for next week's commercial.  Then on Tuesday, I'm shooting a scene for my reel and Wednesday is the commercial shoot.

Holy cow!  I'm in acting heaven.  :)

At the beginning of this year, I committed myself 100% to reaching some milestones this year - one of them to become SAG eligible by booking a national commercial.  None of this happened by accident.  I came up with a plan and worked my tail off.  Of course, God brought me the opportunities and learning experiences but I had to have the game plan to be ready and make it happen.

Do the work, pray a lot, keep the faith and it WILL happen.  This week, I'm proof.


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