Monday, October 10, 2011

Faith and Adversity

My faith journey and acting journey have been closely intertwined.  My life hasn't always been easy and beautiful.  Partly due to my upbringing and partly due to bad decisions, I had some pretty rough years.  Healing and personal growth have been my focus for the past several years.  Every aspect of my life has not only improved but has been better than anything I could've ever dreamed. 

In yesterday's sermon, our pastor posed this question "If God asked you today if there was one thing He could change in your past or present circumstances, what would it be?".  I thought about it for a few minutes but couldn't come up with one thing.  Every single experience in my life has lead to where I am today.  I wouldn't change any, good or bad. 

It's much the same with acting.  The bad auditions, being re-cast, feeling like I had no one on my side, seeing others get the job when I just knew I was better, the battle to feel like I was good enough when I had not one tangible sign of it, all of it lead me to where I am now - in a season of success and blessing.  In a place where all of the hard work feels like it's finally paying off. 

I wouldn't change any of the adversity in my life, it drew me closer to God and knowing His will for me.  It gave me character and strength.  Most importantly it strengthened my faith.  I pray differently now, instead of asking God to deliver me from my circumstances, I ask to teach me the lessons I need the most.  I ask for the experiences in my life that are not easy, but will help me grow. 

Seasons of success are incredible.  But seasons of adversity, in the long run, can lead to things that are even better. 

Keep on keeping on. 


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