Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Have you ever "quit" acting?  I have.  Many times, actually.  The thing is, I'm usually the only one who knows that I quit. 

To me, quitting is getting to the point where I've put so much out (and very little has come back in) that I have to pull all of my energy back.  In my mind, I entertain the thought of not putting myself back out there again.  Ever.  In my heart, I know better. 

Sometimes all I need is a break, some time to collect my thoughts and realize why I do this.  Then I pick myself back up and take a few small steps to putting myself back out there again. 

Acting is sort of like an abusive relationship, I just keep going back for more and more.  I leave it for a short while, swearing to never go back, but somehow I get drawn back in.  Except unlike an abusive relationship, I make progress each time I go back and have a breakthrough or two that pushes me forward in my craft and career.   

Quitting is a good thing for me.  Even if it's only for a week or so.  Sometimes it's exactly what I need to realize how awful life would be if I ever really did give up. 

Keep on keeping on. 


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