Thursday, July 28, 2011


OK, so I've been a lazy blogger of late.  Summer will do that to you.  First things first, vacation was so nice, being at the beach always brings clarity and perspective to my life and pursuits.  It recharges me and gets me ready to dive back in.

So, I rocked an audition yesterday for a show host!  The whole conversational spokes thing is always a challenge for me but I'm finally getting better at it.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a callback.

Also, I got a callback for a commercial audition that I had before vacation.  It will be held next week.  They are casting a "couple", there are seven women and five men being called back.  The client is going to pair us up and see what works.  I hate these types of callbacks.  If you get cut early, you know that you didn't get it.  Although, it's nice to know how many people are going to be at a callback - and this is a relatively small number.  It seems the past few years that callbacks have been getting bigger and bigger.  They used to only be handful of people and you felt like you really had a chance.

I stopped by my agent's office yesterday and was told that they are having all talent sign a Social Agreement.  Basically it's a confidentiality statement that we agree not to reveal any specifics of auditions, go-sees or anything that we may book on Facebook, Twitter, blogs (!), etc.  I've been pretty good about keeping vague but I guess I need to be even more careful. 

Well that's it for today from this lazy blogger.  I'll be performing in a show tonight in downtown Dallas with my actors' company, so I'll be running lines the rest of the day, woo hoo!  Hope you're having a stupendous week.

Keep on keeping on. 


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