Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today Was a Good Day

As Ice Cube would say, it was a good day.  OK, 90's rap song reference aside, it was a pretty decent day in the life of an actress.

This morning, I was booked for a half day spokes job for an industrial shoot.  The script was all on teleprompter but we shot five very wordy videos.   Somehow we knocked all of them out in ONE HOUR!  The client told me that it normally takes at least four hours.  He was very impressed and complimentary and told me that he wants to use me on an on-going basis.  Woo hoo!  Even though I hate to admit it, spokes work is my sweet spot.  I need to quit fighting it and just embrace my strengths. 

From there, I raced off to a commerical audition for a national pizza chain.  It is a super fun spot and my audition partner and I worked great together.  We got to pull out our improv skills and have a blast and I'm sure it showed.  Fingers crossed for a callback on that one! 

And now I'm ready for a much needed vacation starting tomorrow morning - eight glorious days on the beach.  My beach read will be Michael Caine's "Acting in Film" and I'll share some of what I learn when I get back.

In the meantime...keep on keeping on.


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