Friday, June 17, 2011

One Acting Action Every Day - Week in Review

TGIF!  It's that day of the week where I hold myself accountable for daily actions toward reaching my goal of being a full-time actress.  So, how was your week?  What steps, big or small, did you take this week toward reaching one of your goals?  Go ahead, pat yourself on the back, let me know how you did.

Sunday:  I normally start with Monday but Sunday was a big acting day for me.  Two great performances in church services were followed by filming the final scene of the baseball film trailer. 
Monday:  Lots of script work for the show this weekend.  Continued working on lines and character development.
Tuesday:  Sent a follow-up e-mail to an agent I submitted with a few weeks back.  More script work.
Wednesday:  Read a few chapters of Michael Caine's "Acting in Film".  I'll be sharing some of the insights I'm learning from the book soon!  Went to rehearsal for the show this weekend. 
Thursday: After realizing at the rehearsal that I am NOT at all prepared, worked through my script several more times.
Friday:  More script work today and finalize costume for tomorrow night's show!

Also, I got some pretty exciting news yesterday, I was contacted to write articles for an actor's casting service!  More details to come on that later. 

The blog continues to grow too, we have 90 Facebook fans now!  Keep them coming. 

Have a great weekend and keep on keeping on.


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