Friday, May 13, 2011

What's Your Booking Percentage?

Do you track your booking percentage?  Do you even know what it is?  Here's how to calculate it:  Bookings/Auditions=Booking Percentage. 

Just for fun, I started tracking mine this year and it's at 41%.  I've had 17 auditions so far this year, 7 of those resulted in bookings and 6 resulted in callbacks.  Not too shabby!

It might be a useless number but it is a fun way to track my "progress".  Well, other than financially, which is a lot more fun.  :) 

Quote for the day:  Sometimes when we ask for miracles, what we're really asking for is a short cut to a desired outcome.  If we got the miracle, we'd miss out on the lessons and growth of the process along the way. 

(un)discovered alison


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