Friday, May 13, 2011

Woo hoo - Right of First Refusal!

Well, I must've been a decent baby wrangler today. My agent just called to let me know that I'm on right of first refusal for the bank commercial.  They've got it narrowed down to between me and another girl.  Let's pray it goes my way!

If so, it will shoot next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Fingers crossed!

(un)discovered alison

Definition of Right of First Refusal in Acting - The actor is placed on hold for the day(s) of the shoot but not guaranteed the part.  They have narrowed the pool of candidates and may be placing others on hold as well until a final decision is made.  BTW - This is a good thing!  Unless you repeatedly get put on right of first refusal without getting the booking, then it's a frustrating thing. :)


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