Friday, May 20, 2011

That Should've Been Me!

I just saw a SAG national commercial air for Choice Hotels that I was second choice for.  OMG, that should've been me! 

So what's the first thing I do?  Of course I compare myself to the actress that was chosen, duh.  She's blonde and slightly older than me.  The man chosen for her husband is brunette and the child in the spot is blonde.  Maybe the deciding factor was something as simple as hair color.  Who knows.  I can't deconstruct the casting decision because I have NO idea why they went the way they did.
I try not to let it bother me but this one paid REALLY well. The guy cast as the husband was talking about it at an audition a few weeks ago.  He said this one booking wiped out 24 months of unemployment debt for him.  24 months of debt.  Ouch and double ouch.

Do you ever see shows or commercials that you were "that close" to booking?  What thoughts go through your mind?  As TV/film viewers, we're all bound to encounter it at some point.  I think it's pretty natural to get bothered.  The key is letting it go.  And that's what I'm working on today. Really hard. 

Keep on keeping on.

(un)discovered alison


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