Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dry Spell

My last audition was two weeks ago.  That's not an abnormally long time to go between auditions but it's frustrating when all I want to do is work. 

In the meantime, I've been doing plenty of other acting related stuff.  I've had a few rehearsals for a church performance coming up in two weeks.  Next week I have a read-through for a new show our actors' company will be doing.  I got my submission package e-mailed to an out of state agent this week, woo hoo!  And I just started reading Michael Caine's "Acting in Film".  I'm only a few pages in and have already learned a TON!

Dry spells can be frustrating because I don't feel like I'm actually doing anything.  Fact is, I'm sort of kicking butt! 

I've learned that being an actor means celebrating the small successes.  All of the little intangibles are what add up to the big things.  Every role an actor books is the result of countless smaller actions.  If you're not doing anything between your auditions, then you're really not doing your job. 

On to my next goal, getting my butt back in class! 

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