Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting a Second Agent

I'm really happy with the agent I'm with in Dallas but one of my goals for this year is to get represented by another agent in a different city.  I toyed around with both Austin and Houston before deciding upon Shreveport.  Yes, Shreveport.  There is so much filming going on in LA (Louisiana, that is) that it's sick.  I really wish more of that were in TX but they've got the best tax incentives.  So, I must go where the work is.  Fortunately, it's in a neighboring state.
In February, I went to an acting workshop which was also an excellent networking opportunity, as they usually are.  Most of the students were working actors and had great advice to exchange.  Many of them highly recommended a particular Shreveport agent.  Although it's difficult to get in, it's well worth it.  I wouldn't have to travel there all the time either, much of what they submit for can be done on video.  Bonus!

So this week, I'm putting together my agent submission kit to send off and see what happens.  Their requirements are very specific.  You must be a working actor with a demo reel and you must have a referral to the agency.  Check and check.  I have an excellent ally in a writer/producer/director from the other L.A. who knows the agency's owner and will be providing a recommendation letter for me.  Praise God! 

Much of the week I've spent putting together my agent submission kit.  If you don't have one, I highly recommend sitting down and putting one together.  It's a brag book of sorts for your acting career and a great tool for meeting with potential agents or anyone that may want to hire you.  My kit has my headshots (4 looks), resume, a page of highlights, referral letters, press articles and print ads. It also has a DVD of my demo reel.  For more information on putting together your own kit, see this excellent article The Actor's Voice:  Agent WOW kit. 

As usual, I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome.  Here goes nothin'!

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