Friday, May 6, 2011

Close but no Cigar...Again

Probably the most difficult challenge of acting is mental toughness in the face of rejection after rejection. Which is just par for the course in this business and one of the necessary evils. Most actors struggle the most with this in the beginning of their careers when the bookings are few and far between. Eventually your skin gets thicker and you start to expect it and it doesn’t hurt much, if at all. Then you start to book and it gets hard again. Especially when you just KNOW you nailed that audition, but the phone never rings.

Well I’m back to rejection really sucking, there are no two ways about it. My audition skills are lightyears ahead of where they were just a year ago and I feel like I’m “nailing” it in most auditions and getting callbacks on almost all of them. The bookings are coming. This week I was placed on right of first refusal for not one, but TWO SAG national commercials. My agent informed me that I was their second choice on both and not to give up hope yet. Well, today I got the call, I’ve been released from both and I’m majorly bummed. No actually, I’m pissed. This one really stung.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, after posting my sorrow on Facebook and reading all of the condolences from my friends, I jumped on the treadmill for my hardest run ever. Most of the anger is gone now so I can have some perspective on all of this. First and foremost, this is one step closer to my goal of booking my first SAG national this year. Secondly and almost just as important, it certainly helps with my belief in my acting abilities. And that has carried over into every other audition that I’ve had this past week.

It’s all part of the process, I know that. Time to pick up and move on. There will be plenty of other auditions and opportunities. This is just one step closer to reaching another goal. 

God's will be done, not mine.


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